Stalingrad relics-1

The pictures was not taken at any Museum or
collection. The pictures was taken at the debris
as it was found,at ground and in ravines, balka,
with an exception for the BMW. The pictures was
taken in the year 2000-2001.

Note: Some of the items is not known by us,but
maybe YOU know about them?
In that case;send an e-mail about it,please!

Stalingrad-info get  many questions about selling
relics and we must explain: Our relics is not for
private sale
.We can only offer our relics for public
museums free of charge.
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  An artillery combat took place here during the war.

                       116mini.JPG (6018 bytes)

               German War Merit Cross.
Awarded with swords to miltary personnel and without
swords to civillians. This was awarded if the winners
actions did not meet the criteria of the Iron Cross
but if they had performed a meritorius action which
was recognised. Awarded to civillians for praiseworthy
war work."
Thank you for your help,
Karl Flavell, England.

                       114mini.JPG (9636 bytes)

            A light sweater from an field bag

                       120mini.JPG (8984 bytes)

                       A field note-book.

                       107mini.JPG (6804 bytes)

                    10 pfennings and a dice.

                       111mini.JPG (8381 bytes)

         An electrical plate,a finding close to

         the german airfield "Pitomnik".

                           122mini.jpg (7540 bytes)

         A magazine for an soviet tank gun.

                       109mini.JPG (7710 bytes)

                      A german helmet.

                       110mini.JPG (6671 bytes)

                       The helmet inside.

                       117mini.jpg (15449 bytes)

                 The body of a mine.

                        118mini.JPG (6724 bytes)

                        A soviet field bottle.

                       119mini.JPG (11909 bytes)

  Fragments of a german cigarettes package.

                       113mini.jpg (9081 bytes)

                A sterile german needle.

                        102mini.jpg (6547 bytes)

            A roumanian first aid kit.
Thank you for your help,
P. Charbonnier,Militaria Magazine,France.

                        131m.jpg (8191 bytes)

                Papers found at ground

                       132m.jpg (6785 bytes)

                   BMW,a war trophy.

                       133m.jpg (7247 bytes)

              The engine of the BMW.

                       134m.jpg (6482 bytes)

                A roumanian helmet.

                       135m.jpg (7271 bytes)

     A german helmet with a bullet hole.

                       136m.jpg (6636 bytes)

              Another german helmet.

                       137m.jpg (8127 bytes)

              A german helmet,damaged
              by a close detonation.

                       138m.jpg (6995 bytes)

     A german mess tin hit by shrapnells

                       139m.jpg (7558 bytes)

         A german air supply container.

                       140m.jpg (5561 bytes)

"Dienst-Brille", german military issue glasses."
Thank you for your help, Rich Walkis, U.S.A

                       141m.jpg (5634 bytes)

                       142m.jpg (6023 bytes)

                A Waffen SS belt buckle.
Look at the inscription as it is different to the
"Gott Mit Uns" of the Wehrmacht. 
The Waffen SS had " Mein Ehre Heisst Treu"
on their belt buckles.
Thank you for your help, Karl Flavell, England

                       143m.jpg (5735 bytes)

              A german field telephon.


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