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Whats new?

Latest update 04/01/11

Was ist neu?

Battlefield tour

Documentary "Stalingrad" (1943)

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Aerial photos

Stalingrad 1942-43

Battlefield relics

Stalin's order 227

Stalingrad maps

Wartime photos,
and related mat

Soviet War-time songs

The original Diary of an German officer in Stalingrad

Something real
special- Mamayev
Kurgans original height today!

Original Paulus's HQ in Univermag store today.

City grain elevator

Stalingrad guestsredblink.gif (995 bytes)

Stalingrad combat
helmets in Washington DC!

The road to Stalingrad

Short videos redblink.gif (995 bytes)

Books redblink.gif (995 bytes)

Russian Reenactors



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