Mikhail Panikakha
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There is a monument in the northern part of Volgograd today,
erected where Metallurgists´ Avenue crosses Tarashchantsy Street
( Ulitsa Tarashchantsy ), in honour of the marine Mikhail Panikakha.

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During an attack by German tanks, Panikakha was preparing to throw
a bottle of petrol (Molotov cocktail) at one of them, when a bullet hit the
bottle and set light to the petrol. Panikakha´s clothes also caught fire, but
he picked up another bottle, jumped onto the nearest of the enemy tanks
and broke the bottle against it. Thus he destroyed the tank, but himself
burnt to death with it.
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Text from the book Mamayev Kurgan-A guide (ISBN 5-05-001832-3)
Photos taken by Stefan, 2001


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