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                  War debris at Stalingrad steppe







                       "We think of the great battle on the Volga without
                               hatred or malice. However, we consider Stalingrad to
                               be a lesson from the past which, unfortunately, must be
                               Should that war be recalled? Some think not, but I
                               don't agree. That war must be recalled until the time
                               when mankind will say: "we don't want war and will do
                               everything possible to prevent it so that never again
                               will there be war on this earth".
                               There will be a day when we shall stop recalling the
                               war and say: it was the last - not because we should
                               like to believe it is so, but because we shall know it
                               is so.

Text by the Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov.

                                        Our friend Frank has helped us with the english language.


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